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Checkout Help

Welcome to the Purchase and Checkout Help page.

We know that some people have experienced some problems during the checkout process and we hope that we can clear up any issues our valued customers might encounter.

Selecting Product:

When you find a product that you wish to purchase you will see an Add to Cart box. By default the purchase quantity is set to 1, but if you desire you can easily change the quantity to any amount you desire.

Once you have the quantity set as desired, click on the Add to Cart button. Your product will be added to your shopping cart. At that point you can select to continue shopping by selecting the Back to Shopping button, you can modify your cart contents by changing the quantity and clicking the Update Cart button, or you can select checkout by selecting the Go to Checkout button.

The Checkout Process:

We now have a One Step Checkout Process.

Checkout Confirmation

This step gives the customer the opportunity to verify all information regarding their order. Please take the time to verify that the Shipping Address is correct, that the products and quantities are correct. You will not be able to edit any of the information on this page. If you have Comments or Special Instructions you will need to send those comments/instructions by email by using our Contact Us page. Please be sure to include your order number in any email.

Again, don't worry about the shipping and payment at this time. You will receive a FINAL INVOICE containing Shipping and Payment information.

When you are satisfied that your order appears to be correct, click on the Confirm the Order button.


We hope these instructions were helpful and that changing to a One Step Process makes your shopping experience more enjoyable. If you have any questions or suggestions as to how we might improve our web site please feel free to contact us.

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